Christmas 2013

It's beginning to look (and smell) a lot like Christmas at the Harveys in Malaga!

Even on the lawn - all we need is snow!

Our Nina is now in training as a guide dog, but we still went to Longwood Gardens with the Seeing Eye Puppy Raisers. We expect to get our sixth puppy in the new year.
The Christmas theme this year was "Fruit". Enjoy the following photos!

It looks a bit dull and drab at Longwood Gardens in winter.

The summer fountains are shut down in winter.

Children love the G-guage model railroad setup

After dark, the magic of Christmas appears!

The winter fountains provided a nice show with music.

The big treat comes when you go inside where fruit is the central theme

This "carpet" is made of red and green apples floating in water!

Have you ever seen an orchid tree?

A professional organist played Christmas Carols on a pipe organ with over 10,000 pipes for a sing-along.

You can view the pipes in the back room through glass windows.

We never realized that there is an interesting organ museum in Longwood Gardens.