Ralph's first chalk drawing took place 1965 in Vienna. We were helping with evangelistic meetings in the "Church on Wheels" and several youth created a disturbance in the first meeting. Verna had some chalk that she bought while in college, so I suggested drawing a picture to illustrate the message, hoping that this would quiet the youth. It worked! Ralph built an easel with lights and we were in business for the next 38 years!

When we left Austria in 2002, we left Ralph's "Chalk Talk" easel, lights etc. with an Austrian who wanted to continue that ministry. We assumed that this would conclude that chapter for us but it has turned out differently.

Ralph was asked to do a Chalk Talk for the church Christmas program. He explained that he no longer had equipment. Friends in the church purchased the light hood and dimmer switches from Eternity Arts. Ralph built his own easel rather than purchasing a ready-made one because he likes to include back-lighting in addition to the standard colored and ultra violet lights. Below is a pictorial history of the construction. Ralph built a box for the drawing board with back lighting. Self sticking Velcro strips were used for exact placement of the lights. Sheets of 1/4" milky Plexiglass and 1/8" clear Plexiglass were made for the board. Dark paper figures or cutouts are sandwiched between these sheets of Plexiglass for lighting effects such as a moon, beam of a lighthouse etc.

The chalk tray has a slot in it for a sliding cover to keep children from playing with the chalk and for transport.

The new Chalk Talk easel can be assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. It was first used for the Christmas program in First Baptist Church of Elmer in 2008. The second and third were for the AWANA programs in area churches.

In October, 2012, Ralph presented "Chalk Talks" at the town Harvest Festival from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. In addition to color pictures, he drew caricatures and gave object lessons to the public.

Two articles of a series that Ralph wrote were published in the Spring, 2013 edition of Chalk Illustrated Magazine. Click on the images below to enlarge:

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