Seven Ministries For All Believers

No special training, experience or education is necessary, no natural or spiritual gifts are required. We are all called and there is no minimal requirement for these ministries.

1) Walk Uprightly: What we do & don't do, how we act, where we go & don't go, our personal relationship with God and man is an important ministry. It is in this area that gifted ministers of the gospel, pastors, evangelists, teachers and missionaries often fall. And it is where simple godly Christians shine!

2) Witness: What we say, when, where, to whom, about what or whom we say it; our language (proper, honest, respectful); our attitude in speaking (humble, loving, caring...) are all important.

3) Prayer, Intercession: Prayer is the most potent resource at our disposal, yet few Christians make effective and consistent use of it. The Old and New Testament greats were men and women of prayer.

4) Listen: Be genuinely interested and respectful. Listening may include asking occasional questions and giving thoughtful responses, but the other person should be given ample time and opportunity to be heard. Listening is perhaps the most neglected ministry of all, and it is extremely important.

5) Suffering: Although few of us would ask God to allow us to suffer, it can be an effective ministry.

6) Giving: So many people have material needs; the church has needs and missionaries have needs. How we spend money is important.

7) Helping: Our financial resources may be quite limited, but we all have the same amount of time.

There are of course many other ministries and ways to serve God and man, but anyone can do these seven.

Ralph V. Harvey