Mistakes Modern Missionaries Make (MMMM)

1. Automobiles and Airplanes: “Good News” and “Gospel” begin with “GO” and Jesus told us to “Go into all the world.” You won't win many souls sitting in your living room. But many missionaries think they must always be on the go. They constantly change locations and ministries. They spend lots of time on the road and take frequent furloughs. They don't stay in one place long enough to make an impact and completely overlook the Lord’s command to “Abide” in John 15 (7-point message).

2. Evangelical Egoism: The idea that God can only work though our brand of Christianity (group, denomination or mission). Belief that there can be no really good Christians or missionaries in other camps.

3. Following Fads: We like catchy slogans or terms which appeal to or impress people. We want our supporters to get the impression that we are “out there on the cutting edge” doing “cross cultural church planting”, or working in the “20/40 Window”. Our mandate is whatever happens to be “in.”

4. Neglect of Networking: We seek quick or instant results and lack willingness to devote ourselves to anything if we don’t see results or get credit for it. We expect God to finish his work through us in our lifetime. Much effort and investment of time and money is duplicated because we are unwilling to cooperate with others in ministry.

5. Snubbing Smallness: Seeing rural missions as inferior to urban efforts; preferring city-wide evangelism to personal witnessing; big numbers are appealing and minor issues overlooked as unimportant (“Little foxes spoil the grapes!”)

6. Technology Traps: Too dependent upon or obsessed with computers, faxes, email, cell phones, videos and other media forms. We delegate our personal obligation to the Great Commission to gadgets, media and literature.

Ralph V. Harvey