Channels Only

Although I am not a big sports fan, I dreamed on August 6, 2019 that I had received an invitation by mail to attend a major league ball game. I think it was a football game, but can't be certain because some things get mixed up or fuzzy in my dreams, especially after I wake up and consider what the dream was all about. I seldom have realistic dreams, but this one seemed real even athough it would never happen in real life!

I had been given a free pass that I was to show at the ticket booth. When I showed it to the person, he picked up a microphone and said, "He's here." I was ushered into a lounge where several men were gathered. When I entered, they all stopped talking about whatever they were saying and came to greet me. They explained that they had heard about my generosity to Christian charities and decided to invite me to join their international charity organization. I was puzzled and asked, "Why me?" Someone had told them that I had given hundreds of thousands of Dollars to needy causes and established several worthy international ministries. They pulled out a sheet of paper and began naming some of the projects that I had been involved in or of which I was named founder or main contributor. They mentioned the many truckloads of aid delivered and distributed to impoverished people and struggling churches in Eastern Europe during the Communist era. They also named my printing operation which had produced much Christian literature for Western Europe and even more that was smuggled through the Iron Curtain into Eastern Europe. I was known for my work with youth and had founded a youth organization that has spread into many European nations. They said that their source revealed that I was also the founder of a Christian University in Vienna. It even mentioned secular honors attributed to me. My work to get proper acclaim for Marvin Creamer was mentioned and my wife Verna was listed as first to donate to the Creamer Scholarship Fund.

I was confused and almost amused at all this and argued that their information was greatly exaggerated. I could not imagine who might have compiled all that information or why. I said that I was just a retired missionary living on Social Security. We only had a small single-bathroom house and drove a 16-year old car. Anything that we accomplished in our four decades of missionary work is thanks to the churches and individuals who supported our work. While it was true that we had collected and distributed a lot of money, we were just the pipe-line that God used. We never kept a penny of all the money that passed though our hands.

At this point, the spokesperson said, "That is why we think you could help our organization. You have a gift of raising funds for needy causes and we need people like you."

I woke up from my sleep and thought for some time about that dream. On the one hand, I was troubled about the dream and what it could possibly mean. Had I been boastful to someone and given them a distorted picture? On the other hand, it caused me to be very thankful to God for choosing to use me as a pipe-line for his work. I quietly thanked God that he had always blessed and provided for us and that he had found us faithful and honest in handling his funds.

In recent months I have often been disturbed by "Christian" organizations that collect huge amounts of money for various ministries. Leaders of the organizations live extremely well on the "crumbs that fall from the table." Perhaps that is why I dreamed such an unusual dream. It was just a mild warning.

Ralph V Harvey