My Favorite Hymns:

"It Will be Worth it All”
“There is Joy in Serving Jesus”
“He’ll Understand and Say Well Done”

Matthew 25:14-30, The Parable of the Talents

A. I was just a servant

     an imperfect servant
     The first 19 years of my life were mostly wasted
     The rest of my life was far from perfect

B. I was faithful in a few things

     God trusted me with a few talents
     Those talents were at times poorly invested

C. The LORD was my reward on earth

     The joy of his fellowship
     The joy of his presence
     The joy of serving him
     I didn’t serve for fame
     I didn’t serve for recognition
     I didn’t serve for money or things

D. In spite of difficulties and trials, It has been a privilege to know and serve my LORD. “There is Joy in Serving Jesus!”

     “Enter into my joy!“ (verse 21)
     The eternal joy of his fellowship
     The eternal joy of his presence
     The eternal joy of serving my LORD

D. I face the future with great anticipation!
     I can serve him longer – for eternity!
     I can serve him better – without faults!
     I can serve him more – with all my heart!
     I can do greater works – without Satan’s interference!


I didn’t become a Christian because I wanted to escape eternal punishment in hell or to get rewards in heaven. I realized that I was evil and God is good. I confessed my evil deeds and asked for God’s mercy. God not only forgave my trespasses, but he offered me a job! I was invited to work for him! And that has brought joy!

God promised to take care of my needs, but he has done much more. He has filled my life to overflowing with blessings. He gave me a wonderful wife and three lovely children who also desire to serve God. He has given me seven grandchildren who love Jesus! And through ministry I (we) have gained many spiritual children.

God has carried me though many difficult times, but also allowed me to enjoy life. I have enjoyed God’s creation to the fullest, and I have enjoyed creative art, music and inventions of those created in His image. Three times, I crossed the Atlantic by ship and I have sailed on many lakes. I have hiked in the majestic Austrian Alps, driven across America and Europe, and flown over many lands. Two highlights were visiting biblical sites in Greece and Turkey. King Solomon didn’t have it so good!

My invitation: Will you join me? There are many ways and places to serve God. And there is joy in serving Jesus - forever!

Ralph V. Harvey