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Birth: Ralph was born in Salem, NJ on March 8, 1938

Marriage: To Verna (Morse) born in Meadville, PA on July 28, 1940; married in Meadville, PA on March 9, 1963

Education: Public Elementary and High School (1955), Bob Jones University (1962)

Profession: Worked several years in family construction business.
During college worked in an art gallery.
Served as missionary in Europe1964-2002.
Since 2003 Avant Ambassador, (Avant Ministries - formerly Gospel Missionary Union)

Ralph Jr. (born in Elmer, NJ, 1964): Graduated from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA and works as Computer Systems Supervisor for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Harrisburg since 1988. Unmarried. Ralph is actively involved in his church.

Richard (born in Vienna, Austria, 1966): Richard graduated from BJU in 1990 and returned to Austria as a missionary with Gospel Missionary Union in 1991. He married Martina (Austrian) in 1994 and gave us four Austrian grandchildren, Julia (‘96), Benjamin (‘98), Michael (‘01) and Doris Joy ('08). They are actively involved in a church founded by Avant. After his marriage, Richard worked ten years with severely handicapped Austrians in a day care center. He is presently employed as Parts Manager for a Fiat and Alpha Romeo dealership.

Rebekah (born in Linz, Austria, 1969):  Becky studied in Capernwray Bible Institute GB, Columbia Bible College, and Bob Jones University. She married David Pallmann March 20, 1993. They reside in Lake Elsinore, California. Becky is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools, serves in their church and writes a cooking blog:

David is a leading software specialist in web-based computing with advanced Microsoft accreditation (Architect) and a recipient of the cherished MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. He has written a number of computer books. They have three children, Susan (‘97), Debra (‘99) and Jonathan (’03). David and Becky are involved in their local church.

Mission Work:
During their 38 years of missionary service in Austria (1964-2002), the Harveys served in evangelism, church planting, youth work and Christian Education. Ralph operated a youth center and drug rehabilitation ministry (‘69-’79), Ralph founded a printing and publishing ministry 1972-1991, published a German youth magazine Salzstreuer and a Christian Workers’ Manual KANN. He has written numerous articles in both German and English for church and mission publications. His first book was Rabban Gamaliel, about a Jewish Rabbi named in scripture. More recently he wrote his autobiography Chips and Crumbs and Images of the Creator Should be Creative.

Ralph served many years as Mission Field Director for Austria and Eastern Europe, 10 years on the Board of Directors of Black Forest Academy in Germany and 14 years as Business Manager, member of the Board and teacher in the Austrian Bible Institute which he founded in 1984 (now Campus Danubia University, located in Vienna).

Ralph worked with one of the Bible Institute graduates to establish an Austrian national youth organization in 1987. In the first three years, the organization established 60 Austrian clubs and trained over 250 leaders. In addition to solid biblical teaching, the program includes camping, canoeing, rafting, climbing, rope courses, crafts and much more. Other European nations took notice and in 2001, the First International Training Camp for Youth Workers was conducted in Slovakia with nine participating nations. JUROPA (also called Young Stars) is now established in 17 European nations with thousands of trained workers.

Ralph served as Chairman of the Public Relations Committee for the Austrian Association of Evangelical Churches. In this capacity, Ralph helped to develop an Internet Portal and assisted churches and Christian organizations in creating websites.

Ralph has frequently been invited to speak in churches, conferences, camps and evangelistic meetings. His “Chalk Talks” with special lighting effects and hi-tech multimedia shows, using four computer-driven slide projectors and a video projector have been seen by thousands in Austria.

The Harveys worked with refugees living in Austrian camps, organized the collection and distribution of many truckloads of relief goods (medicine, food, clothing, bedding, tents, tools and literature) to impoverished and war-torn countries of Eastern Europe. They were instrumental in raising over $100,000 for Kosovo refugees during the 1999 crises. In 2000, they helped build a church in Kukes, Albania.

Verna has always been much involved in ministry. In addition to children's and women's ministries, she cooked for the Bible Institute, in camps, conferences and for other functions.

Retirement Ministries:

A number of missionaries who left their fields of ministry for retirement, physical reasons, due to political upheavals or for other reasons, but who are still willing and able to serve, have joined the "Avant Ambassadors." Some Ambassador ministries are:
• Representing missions in churches, schools, conferences & camps
• Recruiting workers in colleges and universities
• Participation in or leadership of short term mission teams and projects
• Assistance in opening new fields
• Promotion and fund-raising for special mission projects
• Assisting with candidate orientation, personal encouragement of new or inexperienced missionaries, helping them raise support, mediating with pastors and churches in their behalf
• Training in the use of multimedia - PowerPoint, digital video and website development
• Available to Avant as emissaries when special counsel, guidance or mediation is needed on a field
• Conducting seminars on various subjects
• Pulpit supply
• Assisting churches in setting up mission conferences

Ralph has created multimedia on various subjects and for many occasions. Here are some subjects:
• Albania and Kosovo
• Youth Work in Europe
• "Apples in a Seed" - Four Decades of Ministry in Austria-
• The Demise of the Iron Curtain
• Turkey – The Seven Churches of Asia Minor
• Anabaptists – The Other Side of the Reformation
• Only in America!
• Christmas in Austria
• Austrian Scenery
• Austrian Balconies and Window Boxes

Ralph does Chalk Talks for all occasions. Here are some subjects:
• The Little Tannenbaum (a Christmas story), Isaiah 40 and Ecclesiastes 12
• The Big Apple, Psalm 127:1-2
• What are ships made for? Romans 6:12-13, 23; Eph. 5:18; James 4:7; Acts 27
• Lights and Colors - Black and White, John 1
• The Frog-Prince, Luke 19:1-10
• Values and Influence, Romans 14:1-5
• The Intelligent Fool, Acts 5:29-42
• The Question Nobody Asks, Judges 6:12-13
• The Golden Rule, John 13:33-35
• Joe Nah! The disobedient prophet

• Photography
• Sailing
• Raising puppies for The Seeing Eye
• Repairing and restoring small boats
• History (esp. church history in Europe and early America)
• Writing blogs, articles and books
• Web development (see below)
• Political involvement (Tea Party)
• Verna also does stamping and belongs to a local garden club

Some of Ralph's Websites
Family and Ministry:
"Ralph's Stuff" - small sailboats, blog, stuff to see and read:
Professor Marvin Creamer's Circumnavigation Without Instruments:
Puppy Raisers for The Seeing Eye:
Ralph's book:
Church website:
(Plus websites for family members, Christian friends and businesses)

Ralph's YouTube Videos
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Boat Ride at the Marina in MD
Austrian making and playing the "Jaws Harp"
Polar Bear Cubs Playing in Vienna Zoo
Train Museum and Ride with a Steam Loc in Ampflwang, Austria
Motorcycles Racing on Frozen Malaga Lake
Rare John Deere 430V Tractor
Sailing a Mistral 12 at Somers Point, Ocean City, NJ
Sailing our Kolibri on Attersee in Austria
Nina sees herself in the mirror
Amish buggies near Lancaster
Harvey Marina Day 2013
A niece uploaded this video of our Golden Anniversary celebration