The Seven Spirits of the Devil in the Church

#1. TS of B: The Spirit of Babylon
“Let us stick together, get to heaven and escape punishment!”

#2. VIP: Very Important Persons
“Whatever you say sir, we will do!”

#3. LPDI: Let Pastor Do It
“And brother, look out if he doesn’t do it right !”

#4. The 4 DDs
Doctor of Divinity: Academic sophistication
Dictatorial Democracy: The Majority rules !
Denominational Decree: No contest !
Division by Default: Just do nothing and it happens !

#5. C & BL: Constitution and Bylaws
“Who needs the leading of the Holy Spirit? We have the C & BL!”

#6. RR of PP: Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure
Perhaps not evil, but often effective in quenching the Holy Spirit.

#7. T of T: Tyranny of Tradition
“We have always done it that way!”

Ralph V. Harvey