Was Adam Ever Saved?

God warned Adam about sin and its negative consequences. When Adam sinned, God did not immediately put Adam to death, as his sin deserved. Instead, God sought Adam out, and exposed his sin, obviously hoping for repentance. He showed them love - providing clothing by sacrificing an animal. In Genesis 3:15, God told Satan that he would be defeated. Adam's sins were much the same as ours today.

When God sent Adam and Eve from the garden and prevented their return, it prevented them from eating of the tree of life and live forever here on earth, but it also allowed them time to repent. God turned the curse into the cure. It was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary that ultimately and permanently defeated Satan, sin, and death. After Cain killed Abel (Genesis 4:25-26), God graciously gave Adam and Eve another son -- Seth -- It was after the birth of Seth that people began to worship the Lord (4:26). Did this include Adam? We don't know.

The Biblical account shows them hiding, covering up, excusing themselves, and blaming others. The Bible doesn’t record their responses. God revealed Himself and His character to Adam and Eve in a new way following their sin. He gave them lessons of hope and demonstrations of his love. They must have obeyed in offering sacrifices, as their sons continued to observe them (though Cain erred).

Ralph V Harvey