Friday the 13th, 2016, the Obama administration sent a letter to every public school district in America warning them to permit transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their chosen gender identity or risk losing federal funding.

The evening news on most "progressive" TV stations made an effort to underscore the importance and necessity of this ruling. One station showed a cute little girl dressed like a boy and interviewed the mother (no father to be seen), who expressed deep appreciation to the Obama administration that her kid can finally demand and get what he/she wants at school.

When she was about three, our daughter insisted that she was a puppy dog, crawling around the house and barking for attention. Everyone thought it was cute and patted her on the head. Our "spoiled brat" got what she wanted. When meal time came around, we set two bowls of dog food on the floor, one for her and one for our poodle, Bonnie. Suddenly, the spoiled puppy was our daughter again. She ate what we fed her and enjoyed it. Soon after that we visited the zoo. Our daughter was fascinated with the seals, which also made funny barking noises. For the next few days, she was a seal and after that she thought that she was a princess living in a castle.

Today our daughter believes that she is a wife, mother of three and a housekeeper. Her loving husband, three children and even their dog support and reinforce that belief. Last Sunday was Mothers' Day and they all smothered her with attention and honors!

When Barack Hussein Obama was a little boy he believed that he was God. His mentors agreed and reinforced that belief with encouraging words and acts. They said, "Others will someday recognize your divinity and bow down to worship you."

In 2008, Obama's divinity and lordship was recognized by a majority of Americans who chose him to be their savior of "Hope and Change." Their deep devotion to him was reinforced four years later. Bolstered by that reassuring support, Barack Hussein Obama went about fixing the perceived wrongs in American society. Marriage was redefined to include same-sex unions and Obama celebrated his victory by ordering the White House illuminated with rainbow-colored lights.

The deplorable deficit in American schools is next on the agenda. Apparently Obama feels that the kids are spending too much time studying math and English and not learning enough about sex. Teachers are not just asked to tolerate or accept LGBT lifestyles, but to extol their virtues to students. The latest executive order is designed to force schools to follow though on that agenda. Kids must learn that having sex with anyone regardless of gender is normal and that usage of discriminatory words such as "husband" and "wife" should be avoided. Now he has taken his campaign one step further and eliminated the words "men" and "women" from public restrooms.

In the second paragraph, I mentioned a cute little girl who became a boy. In about ten years, she will be a High School Junior. Because opposites attract, "he" may fall in love with a "she" who was once a boy. Like many classmates, they go to bed together and "he" gets pregnant. They have been told in school that no parental consent is needed to get an abortion, so Planned Parenthood performs an abortion on the boy. Another "first" for the President! Will the next “Obama” turn on the rainbow-colored lights and throw his critics into the lions' den?

Ralph V. Harvey