The gospel of Jesus Christ is supressed in many countries by other religions or by hostile governments. In America, the primary suppressors of the gospel are Christians!

They would probably claim that they are sensitive to what others think and feel, or that they want to be politically correct and don’t want to offend or hurt anyone.

As a result, people are not getting saved and going to hell. Churches are stagnating and dying out.

After Pentecost, the most outstanding characteristic of Christians in the New Testament was boldness. That description appears 19 times! They were persecuted for their message, but their enemies said of them that they had turned the world upside down.

In America today it is the LGBTQ crowd, the abortion advocates and other so-called “progressives” who are characterized by boldness. They don’t care who they offend!

Instead of Christians, it is the godless liberals who are turning our nation upside down!

Ralph V. Harvey