Creation, Evolution and Mother Nature

Most people claim to believe that preposterous human conception called “evolution” but they prefer to speak of "Mother Nature" because evolution is so cold, heartless and unromantic. Mother Nature is the goddess responsible for life on earth, but it doesn't matter how she does things nor why. As with children who believe in fairy tales, people perceive of Mother Nature just waving her magic wand and "poof!" People and things appear or vanish with no further explanation necessary. Nature just happens!

What amazes me most, is that some who claim to believe in God, have a very low opinion of his capabilities. They may give him credit for creating a single-cell organism, but then contend that evolution or Mother Nature spent a few billion years improving it.

Believing in Santa Claus is better than believing evolution. Nobody knows where Santa or Mother Nature came from, but Santa at least calls children to accountability for their behavior.

God reveals himself, his nature, and his will explicitly in scripture, and his wonderful creation underscores that which his Word declares. God's detailed instructions, warnings and promises to all people are clearly defined.

That is why people prefer to believe in Mother Nature. They simply adore her, raving about her beauty, cleverness and inventiveness. Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot how people live. Evolution cares even less.

Ralph V Harvey