I get robbed almost every day now and there is nothing I can do to protect myself from the robbers. I can lock the doors and windows, have cameras installed all over the house, keep mean watchdogs and carry a loaded revolver, but all that is ineffectual.

After I have been robbed, I could call the police to report the crime, but the police refuse to do anything. I know who some of the perpetrators are, but it doesn't help, because our government has legalized certain crimes and there is nothing the police can do.

These robbers steal my time, money and information on a daily basis; I get robo-calls about ten times a day. They use false numbers with a local area code so I will think that it is legitimate. The caller is seldom on the line, but just sets up an automatic dialer with a recorded message. The more advanced recorders can recognize that the person answering is either male or female. If male, the message is recorded by a girl with a sexy voice. I don't know who talks when a woman answers the phone. The girl often uses my first name and asks how I am doing. I say that I am not interested and wish to be left alone. The girl continues the recording, saying something like, "He-he-he! Ralph, you are not easy to get a hold of, but you will love the news I have for you…" I don't know what else she says because I hang up. It amazes me that there are people who buy whatever she is selling. If they didn't, we wouldn't be bothered by these calls.

As I said in the beginning, I was robbed again yesterday. Verna was shopping and I was scanning slides. I have about 20,000 35mm slides that were taken between 1960 and 2000, when I switched to digital. My metal slide boxes hold about 1000 thin slides or 750 of the slightly thicker ones. I had a box of the thin slides in my lap and had scanned many when the phone rang. My first thought was, "Probably a scammer."

I kept working while the phone rang and began to wonder if it could be Verna. She might be having trouble with the car like the time it wouldn't start, or worse yet, some woman could have run a red light and totaled the car as happened in 2013. When Verna drove away today, I noticed a noise in the left front wheel that I need to check. The phone was ringing for about the fourth time, so I hastily laid the box of slides on a nearby table and grabbed the phone. It was the sexy girl voice and not my wife, so I hung up in disgust. In that moment, I heard a crash and turned just in time to see my box of slides sliding off the table and scattering all over the floor. In the rush, I had laid it on a wedge-shaped notebook.

It took the better part of an hour to get all the slides back in the box, but not in order or right side up like they were before. It would take longer to figure out which slides had already been scanned than to scan them all over again. Like I said, I've been robbed again.

Another robber that frequents our home is Microsoft. In past years I was satisfied with Microsoft, but since Microsoft discovered the wealth that can be gotten by stealing and selling personal information, much has changed. MS now gives its operating system away free to computer manufacturers who pass it on to users. We can lock all doors and windows of our house, but Microsoft's Windows are always open for MS robbers to get in. Because robbery is illegal, Microsoft has given this activity a new name. They call it "Updates." You have perhaps wondered why there are so many time consuming updates if Windows 10 is the "best OS yet"? Microsoft has discovered that it can get more money selling harvested information than by selling software. Spying is legal if you do it to the enemy and MS obviously views users as enemies.

We used to be the owners of software and hardware that we bought for lots of money. Now we are just "users" who may use the computer long enough to collect data, but not during MS "harvesting operations" (called "updates").

Computer users are exactly that and no more. We no longer own anything; we are owned, so whatever we use – software, hardware or "the cloud" (aka "DropBox," "One Drive" and other names) is owned by the robbers. Taking from the cloud cannot be considered stealing!

Ralph V Harvey