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Mission Address:

Avant Ministries
10000 North Oak
Kansas City, MO 64155
Tel.: 816.734.8500

Personal Address:

Ralph and Verna Harvey
153 Bentwood Drive
Malaga, NJ 08328
Tel.: 856.694.5684
E-Mail: harveyralph@gmail.com
Personal Website: www.rvharvey.org

Some of Ralph's websites:

  • Ralph's Book, "Rabban Gamaliel": www.rabbangamaliel.org

  • Ralph's Stuff: Boats, Cars, 4 Sale and Blog: www.rvharvey.com

  • Marvin Creamer's famous circumnavigation: www.globestar-voyage.org

  • The Seeing Eye Puppy Raiser Club: www.cc4hpuppypower.org

  • Harvey's Honey https://www.harveyshoney.com

  • Our YouTube videos:

    Pippi helps to advertise the 64th Annual Mission Conference
    Turkey - Cappadocia
    Turkey - Pamukkale
    Sleigh Ride in the Austrian Alps
    Austrian Wedding Cannon
    Venita's Town Walk in Morristown
    Boat Ride at the Marina in MD
    Austrian making and playing the "Jaws Harp"
    Polar Bear Cubs Playing in Vienna Zoo
    Train Museum and Ride with a Steam Loc in Ampflwang, Austria
    Motorcycle Racing on Frozen Malaga Lake
    Sailing a Mistral 12 at Somers Point, Ocean City, NJ
    Sailing our Kolibri on Attersee in Austria
    Rare John Deere 430V Tractor
    Nina sees herself in the mirror
    Amish buggies near Lancaster
    Harvey Marina Day 2013
    Our Golden Anniversary celebration
    Debra and Einstein play a piano duet
    Pippi gets a Little Visitor