Bill Morse

Bill is Verna's brother and only sibling. He and his wife Judy lived in Maryland for most of their married life.  Judy was a math teacher and Bill worked for American University.  Judy passed away on December 14, 2005 after 41 years of marriage.

Bill and Verna with Daddy and his '36 Ford coupe; Bill as a child

Wedding July 4th, 1964 and on "Moon River" in 1968

Bill married Evelyn in 2008. She is an excellent cook; her crab cakes are fabulous!

Bill's new house is located in Delaware.

This nice sunroom and patio were added later.


Harvey Siblings

Ralph was one of six boys and six girls. One sister died soon after birth but here are the eleven in 1960.

Harvey Boys singing, 1968

Ann is the oldest of Ralph's siblings.

Here are a few photos of Dave and Ann Stevens.

Ann and Dave Stevens are Truckers (the original Mayflower on right)

Ralph is second oldest, and then came Helen

Helen married Craig Adams, a Pastor who has served churches in NJ, NY and FL. Craig named his boat "Visitation". Can you guess why?

David is the fourth Harvey sibling

Dave married Nancy and worked many years for Channel 10 in Philadelphia.

John is number five

John is retired in Florida

Dan is the middle sibling

Dan and Gerri live in Westville, NJ, but enjoy travel and boating

Bob is seventh

Bob is well known for his dealings with honey bees. The original business is located in New Jersey  Harvey's Honey with a second location in West Palm Beach, FL

Margie is number Eight

Marge and Les Tomlinson live in central Pennsylvania. Les is a trucker.

Tim is the ninth sibling

Tim and Helene live near the coast where Tim works for America's Keswick.

Grace is second youngest

Grace and Andy live in New York State. Grace loves to decorate and Andy prefers hunting and fishing.

Esther is youngest

Esther and Gordon move back and forth between central Pennsylvania and Florida working their RV repair business