We didn't own a vehicle during our first year in Austria, but in September 1965, we bought the first of eleven Volkswagens, nine of which were transporters. If we had kept and stored our first two vehicles (pictured below), they would fetch over $300,000 at auctions today!


When we retired to America in October,2002, we purchased a ten-year-old Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. We both loved it, so when it wore out, we bought another Roadmaster wagon, and then two more! Because these behemoths of the highway were becoming collector cars, we decided to look for a cheap daily driver to save wear and tear on our prized "woodie." That took us on a Retirement Car Odyssey of 14 vehicles in 18 years! [For a Word document of the article, click on the photo below]

I also owned over thirty small sailboats and a bunch of trailers since retiring. I enjoy repairing and restoring them and sell them to supplement retirement income. You can see pictures of the boats on my other website https://www.rvharvey.com/