Verna suffered from dementia and curvature of the spine in recent years, but I thank God that her final days were free of any intense suffering. She was unconscious for nearly a week before she passed on September 21, 2022. I and other members of our family were holding her hands and praying when she took her final breath. Her sufferings are over and I shall see her again soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Verna had family and friends in both North America and Europe. Because many cannot come to the Memorial Service on Saturday, November 26, 2022, I posted links to the photo presentations that will be shown at her Memorial Service. Our Son-in-Law, David Pallmann, saved them to the "Cloud" (in a "Dropbox")  that anyone in North America or Europe can download and watch free. Here are the links for North America:

English Slide Show of Verna from birth until retirement
English Slide Show of Verna after retirement

If you are able to attend the Memorial Service. It is on Saturday, November 26th from 12:00 to 3:00 PM. The Grange Hall is located near the Pole Tavern Traffic Circle on Routes 40 and 77 in Southern New Jersey. Take Daretown Road next to Point 40 Diner. The hall is a few hundred feet on the right.