Verna suffered from dementia and curvature of the spine in recent years, but I thank God that her final days were free of any intense suffering. She was unconscious for nearly a week before she passed on September 21, 2022. I and other members of our family were holding her hands and praying when she took her final breath. Her sufferings are over and I shall see her again soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Verna had family and friends in both North America and Europe. Because many could not attend the Memorial Service, I posted links to the photo presentations that were shown. Our Son-in-Law, David Pallmann, saved them to the "Cloud" (in a "Dropbox")  that anyone in North America and Europe can download and watch free. Here are the links for North America:

English Slide Show of Verna from birth until retirement
English Slide Show of Verna after retirement in 2002

The links for Europe are here:

Deutsche Presentation von Verna von der Geburt bis zur Pensionierung<
Deutsche Präsetation von Verna nach der Pensionierung in 2002