(John 14:6)

Our Ministry of 38 Years in Europe

We left our 28' trailer home and sailed to Europe in 1964, arriving in Vienna July 24

While learning German in the University of Vienna, we also helped in the Sunday School of a Baptist Church, conducted children’s meetings among Gypsies, assisted with camps, distributed literature, drew Chalk Talks in the “Church on Wheels” and distributed flyers advertising the telephone counseling service of Vienna.

Following formal language study, we became involved with church planting projects in several Austrian cities.

Youth Center "Katakombe" 1969-1979

We were in some way involved with youth during all our 38 years in Austria. In Linz, we operated a youth center and drug rehabilitation ministry. In a special report, Trans World Radio recognized this as one of the most effective youth ministries in Europe.

We founded and operated a printing and publishing operation from 1972 through 1991. Millions of pieces of literature were produced including literature smuggled into Eastern Europe. We also published our own youth magazine and operated a Christian Book Store. Ralph continues to write articles for Christian publications in both English and German and published his first book  Rabban Gamaliel in January, 2005. Many of his writings are posted on this website.

Click here for larger photos of the print shop.

In May of 1983, we leased property in Ampflwang and worked to establish the Austrian Bible Institute, which opened in October, 1984.

In 1991, property was purchased on the Danube River and the school relocated.

After 15 years as a dormitory-style school, the emphasis shifted to training in major urban centers.

Together with one of the Bible Institute graduates, we helped to establish the “ABOEJ”, a Christian youth organization, in 1987. Within three years there were approximately 50 clubs throughout Austria. After 2001, we became involved in training youth leaders and establishing clubs in other European nations. The organization, now called Young Stars (think "youngsters"), is still growing and may soon be coming to North America (click here for more information).

Relief work was another aspect of our work. We worked with refugees in Austrian camps and organized the collection, shipment and distribution of relief goods in impoverished or worn-torn countries of Eastern Europe. We also collected and sent tools and materials to rebuild and repair churches after the collapse of Communism in 1989. In May, 2000, we helped build an addition onto the church in Kukes, Albania. An Albanian graduate of the Austrian Bible Institute, Arben Kosta and his wife Sherilyn served this church.