Trip to Austria, July 7 - 25, 2005

In spite of much rain and cool weather, we enjoyed the scenery when the sun came out!
Most lakes were at flood stage.

The water was icy, but Opa jumped in for a swim with the kids.

When it rained, our grandchildren entertained us and vice-versa.
To see and hear a video clip of the accordion trio, click on the left photo below!

A trip to the zoo is mandatory! It only rained when we were about to leave..

The Zieglers have their own zoo.

We did many other interesting things like visiting a castle and decorating ceramic dishes at the world famous
Gmunden Ceramic Factory


In Gmunden, Austria, we visited a nice toy museum (above photos), a bicycle museum and a Toilet Museum!!!
We also visited a wild-west town in Bavaria called "Pullmann City."

Click here to see the photos: Wild-West Town Toilet Museum - Bicycle Museum (link at bottom)

We visited with many friends and former neighbors

Verna's birthday had to be celebrated too! Finally, came the farewells. We ate a fantastic meal in a restaurant
high up on a mountainside overlooking the turquoise Attersee Lake.

Verna eating her ice cream wrapped in pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate on top!