AUTUMN, 2011

Long-time friends since our college days were flying from Fresno, California to visit family in North-Eastern Pennsylvania end of September. We arranged to drive up to spend a couple of days with them. We stayed in a beautifully restored Bed & Breakfast in Bethany, Pennsylvania. Mary, Martha and Lazerus lived in Bethany, and since it was the second oldest house in town, we joked that we stayed in the room where Jesus stayed.

America's first locomotive traveled on tracks in nearby Honesdale, PA.

The entire house was tastefully decorated with antiques

Exquisite breakfasts were prepared and served by the host himself!

We of course took lots of time to share about experiences, family and our aches and pains, but we also did some sight-seeing. We visited the Dorflinger Glass Museum in White Mill, but I didn't get pictures. Dorflinger made special glassware for eight US Presidents! Most of it is now in the National Archives, but there were a couple of pieces on display that Abraham Lincoln and his wife drank from.

Then we visited a National Park Services railroad museum in Scranton, called "Steamtown." There are over a hundred loks, a trolly museum, roundhouse and mush more. The first locomotive shown is the largest ever built, with 8 drive wheels.


On October 8, seven of the eleven Harvey sibling, their spouses and some of their offspring converged on Dan's place in Westville. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the small outboards on the Delaware River and on Big Timber Creek.

We traveled a couple of miles on the Delaware under two bridges, saw the historic boats of Philadelphia's Penn's Landing, The Battleship New Jersey and the rusting hulk of the fastest ship on earth, The SS United States. We crossed the Atlantic twice on that ship, including it's final eastern crossing.

The porthole above the "T" was our stateroom!

Later, we cruised up Big Timber Creek. A large tree that fell in Hurricane Irene was lying across a bridge abutment. Autumn colors reflected in the smooth surface of the creek.

It was a fantastic day!

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