2007 Trip to California

December 7 - 20

David and Becky treated us like royalty while their three wonderful children treated us like slaves!

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe and on the terrace of the Iron Wok.

The house was decorated inside and out.
This hand-carved wood nativity was made by a gifted Austrian artist.

We helped the kids make gingerbread houses and went shopping.

The Pallmanns live in Lake Elsinore, Southern California.

Sunday, December 16, David and Becky sang in two performances of their churches' 100-voice
cantata choir with orchestra accompaniment. The program was two hours long, so they were understandably exhausted afterwards!

Becky and the girls are dressed in black sweaters; David and Jonathan are wearing the matching
the "Big Guy" & "Little Guy" T-shirts and hats we gave them.

Susan with her saxaphone. We heard her school band play its very first concert.
Susan and Debra walking on the stilts Pop Pop made for them.

Dave took us to see the Christmas Spectacular performed by the Radio City Music Hall of New York City.
It was the first time this was performed in California.