Trip to California, September, 2014

We flew into Ontario Airport in Riverside County on Saturday, September 13. On the trip to Lake Elsinore we passed this large fire. It was one of a dozen fires raging in California.

Six out of nine days it was over 100 degrees! The Pallmann's pool had bathtub temperature! There was a thunder shower on one day, but the temperature shot back up above 90!

The perfect host and hostess treated us like royalty! Thank you Dave and Becky!

Debra (left) and Susan with her pets

Debra also has a pet, a love bird named Einstein.

And they get along just fine!

Jonathan is becoming more and more like his father

Like both parents, all three are quite familiar with computers!

Einstein likes to play piano duets with Debra (click here for a video!)

Lake Elsinore added a sports park and several housing developments since our last visit!

We visited the San Diego Zoo before, so this time we visited the Safari Park

The park covers more than 1,800 acres!

Some rode in a balloon, but we preferred the tram and walking

This white rhinoceros is one of only seven survivors in the world!

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"

The above view made us all hungry for lunch!

After lunch we looked at birds and flying rodents

These baby leopards were rejected by their mother but are well cared for

A lioness and her four cubs attracted much attention

Have you ever examined a lion's tooth?

On our final Saturday, David and Becky treated us to a meal in the Mission Inn of Riverside. It is the most exquisite steak restaurant we have even seen!

We were told that there are more than 140 bells in the Mission complex!

After dark, it gets romantic!

The Mission Inn has valet parking for guests. A young man ahead of us jokingly asked an attendant if he could bring him a Ferrari. In that moment, one drove up behind him!

Sunday was our last day and we attended church with the Pallmann family. David and Becky sing in the church choir and Susan plays guitar in a youth music group. They have four services.

Above is the welcome area and below is the original chapel that is now used for Sunday School and other activities.

We arrived early and heard the choir and orchestra (on left) rehearse