Family Visits in 2019

All but three of our immediate family came to visit us in 2019. In August, Julia and Benjamin came from Austria for two weeks; our son Richard came for a week at Thanksgiving time and daughter Becky's entire family plus our son Ralph Jr. came for Christmas! Perhaps Martina, Michael and Doris can come in 2020?

Julia and Benjamin's Visit, August 14-29, 2019

After recovering from "jet lag", we took them to the Cowtown Rodeo

It was difficult to tell who was happiest to see them, Oma and Opa or our Lab, Pippi

It was several years since they last paddled our canoe, but they hadn't forgotten

Ice cream tastes good second handed

Julia and Benjamin made and served us genuine Austrian Kaiserschmarrn!

Pizza tastes great after a day at the beach

The kids drove our car 2,000 miles through New England and Canada in one week!

A friend, Mark, works as a flag man at the New Jersey Motorsports Track and allowed them to drive some really fast go-karts!

All good things must come to an end! We really enjoyed the visit.

Richard flew in from Austria November 26 - December 3rd

He came to visit and be of help, which he was! He even helped take down the Thanksgiving decorations and put up the Christmas ones. Richard is on the right in this Thanksgiving Day photo with relatives.

Pilgrims gave way to a manger

The decorated sailboat has become a tradition. The blue lights on the fence represent waves.

On December 23, the Pallmann family flew in from California to spend Christmas with us.

Pippi just couldn't get enough loving!

When Pippi jumped up in Jonathan's lap, I scolded her and said she was not allowed on furniture. Pippi just looked as if to say, "I am NOT on the furniture!"

Our daughter, Becky, stayed several days longer to help us.