Highlights of 2008

Austrian Group on a musical tour in America

February 24, 2008

Ralph turned 70 on March 8, 2008

On March 9th we celebrated 45 years of marriage!

We had a delicious oyster dinner with a number of the Harvey family, followed by baked Alaska at our house. One surprise was seeing cousins that we had not seen in decades!

To celebrate, we attended the World's largest indoor flower show in Philadelphia March 3rd

Our Family Flower Show

Back in 1973, we took this picture of our three children standing next to the Danube River in Austria

In March, 2008, our daughter took the following photos of her three children in Lake Elsinore, California.

Normally, the hills are gray and lifeless (below), but once every few years, it rains and the hills are suddenly alive with flowers!

Verna's 50th High School reunion, July, 2008
Harvey Marina Day, September
Trip to Austria, Dec. 21 - Jan. 8
Trip to California, September, 2008