1975 Mercedes 450 SLC

It all started back in the late 70s when our children were attending Black Forest Academy in Germany. We walked past a used car dealer near the school and Verna paused to admire one of the cars. "That is a cute car, what kind is it?" she asked. I replied that it was a Mercedes SLC and, without much forethought, I added, "When we retire, I will buy you one." From that time on, every time Verna spotted an SLC on the road, she asked, "Is that mine?"

Twenty-five years later, we did retire, and although Verna only expected me to buy her a Matchbox or diecast Mercedes, I kept thinking about my promise. I reasoned that there must be a 25-30 year-old SLC somewhere that needed TLC and wouldn't cost too much. I kept checking eBay and newspapers, but most were too expensive or too far away.

I found a really nice Burgundy SLC on eBay, but the reserve was too high so I didn't bid on it. One day while Verna was packing for meetings in Connecticut, I cheked eBay and saw that the owner had re-listed it with a "Buy-it-Now" price well below it's book value. I drew the money from my retirement account and bought it. I didn't tell Verna, but stopped on our way to Connecticut. She asked where I was going and I just said, "Wait and see!" The owner opened the garage door and I said, "I kept my promise!"

Verna looks happy in the pictures, but she always preferred to drive the Buick.

Verna's SLC had all the extras: electric sunroof, power windows, AC, Automatic und a 4,5 litre V8. It had been garaged all it's life and seldom driven. The burgundy paint and chrome shone like new.

After a year, we sold the car for $2,000 profit and invested the money in a cement driveway. We can honestly tell people, "Verna's Mercedes is in the driveway."