The Harveys have gone to the dogs!

Our adventures with raising puppies for The Seeing Eye began in 2009.

Ralph's nephew is blind and has had three guide dogs. When we watched a County Fair demonstration of a club that was raising puppies for The Seeing Eye, we began to wonder if that was something we could do. We asked a lot of questions and were invited to attend club meetings and discover for ourselves what is involved. After several meetings, we applied for a puppy.

Click on the links below to learn about each of the puppies that we have raised and about the sixth, which we are presently raising. There is also a longer article about raising guide dogs, a YouTube video, pictures of our Christmas outing at Longwood Gardens and a ferry ride with the dogs which may be of interest.

Venita, our first TSE dog
Pumpkin, the 2nd Seeing Eye Dog
Thunder, the 3rd Seeing Eye Dog
Betsy, the 4th Seeing Eye Dog
Nina, the 5th puppy
Pippi, our 6th (and present!) puppy
Sabrina, our 7th puppy
Hanna, the 8th and final (?) puppy
Read Ralph's article: "From Wolves to Guide Dogs"
Ralph is webmaster for our Puppy Raiser group:
YouTube video: Venita's Town Walk
Christmas in Longwood Gardens
Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE Ferry Ride