Ralph has written many articles, studies and sermons, some of which can be found on this site. Documents may be copied for others to read provided no changes are made without permission and credit is given to the author. Some articles are rather long, so you may want to copy them to your PC to read.

PLEASE, if you see anything that you disagree with, let me know. If convinced, I will correct it and if not, I will explain why not.

Proverbs 9:8 says, Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee. Rebuke a wise man and he will love thee.
Proverbs 12:15 says, The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.

Try me to see if I am a fool and a scorner, or if I am wise and love you!

If you would like to hear a sample sermon (mp3), click here: "Why?" (recorded at First Baptist Church, Elmer, NJ on July 18, 2010)

"WD" means the document is a Word Document

Bible Training Institutions in Austria, Part 1
Bible Training Institutions in Austria, Part 2
Bible Training Institutions in Austria, Part 3

Same as above, but Word Documents:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Pentecost in Austria
History of Slide Presentation(WD)
Where is Civilization Headed? 38-pages
9/11 - Twenty Years Later
Ralph's Resume'(WD)
How Much is Too Much? (Upon Retirement)
Looking Back, Returns on Investment
The Father's Business
Apples in a Seed
An Unforgettable Trip to Scotland in 1969
Renewable Energy, Ralph's tract
Today's Youth and Missions, Do youth still respond?
Youth Work in the New Testament (Compartmentalized Churches)
My Midlife Crises A study of II Peter 1
Alpine-Echo newsletter from Jan., 1991(WD)
An American in Austria(WD)
Book Assessment: Acts of Pilate(WD)
Blogging Experiences(WD)
Car Crazy
Under the Circumstances(WD)
Comparison and Criticism(WD)
When all Colors are Mixed(WD)
The Tannenbaum Chalk Talk(WD)
Chalk Talk Lesson with Cookies(WD)
The Frog Prince(WD)
A Despised Birthright(WD)
Making Disciples of Whom?(WD)
Dreams and Visions - a Thing of the Past?(WD)
The Empty Cross(WD)
Missionary Graveyard?(WD)
Going the Extra Mile(WD)
First Responder Dream(WD)
First Responders(WD)
Those Good Old Days(WD)
How much do you value your influence?(WD)
Ralph's Conversion(WD)
"Menschenfurcht" - Fear Pressure(WD)
Ralph's Mid-Life Crises (II Peter 1)(WD)
Missionary Life(WD)
Musings of a Missionary(WD)
A Prophesy for Nervous Missionaries(WD)
Not a Chance!(WD)
Nothing But The Truth(WD)
Our Thirteen Retirement Cars(WD)
"Selfie" Prayers(WD)
The Silent Night Story(WD)
The Snowman(WD)
Storms and Doldrums(WD)
Our Telephone(WD)
Things and Stuff(WD)
Too Much(WD)
Turkey in the Bible(WD)
Two Unfinished Projects(WD)
An Unforgettable Trip to Scotland(WD)
Wake Up, New Jersey!(WD)
Who is Worthy?(WD)
Mom's Favorite Song(WD)
YoungStars International(WD)
Channels Only(WD)

Joe-Nah, First Foreign Missionary?
Beggars and Benefactors, Gospel Message
What to do with Mountains, Gospel Message
Net Kids, Gospel Message
Missionary Life, Gospel Message
God's Protection in Travel, Gospel Message
God's Protection in Travel, Part II, Personal experience
Jumbo Jets That Lose Their Wheels
Abraham's Missionary Heart
Twelve "P" Witness, The Great (Unbalanced) Commission
Mistakes Modern Missionaries Make (MMMM)
God's Networking in Albania
Leadership in Missions
A New Concept of Recruitment?
Boldness or Political Correctness?(WD)
Who is Worthy? Advice for church planters
"Missionary Graveyard?" response to an article in the Evangelical Missions Quarterly
The Great Commission
Church Planting Models: Tower or Pyramid?
Mission Impossible?
Freeing hostages is dangerous!
What are the "Greater Works"?
Are prayers the "Greater Works?"
Church-Mission Coalition Proposal
Proper Christian Economics
Missionary Identification
Seven Ministries that any Christian can do
Five Steps to Silence Christians
Eleven Tips for Communicating God's Word
Storms and Doldrums
Is the Romans Road Complete?
Was Nicodemus a Believer?
Who's in Charge Here?

New Bathroom Laws
Angry at Murdoch
Isaiah 3 and the 2016 Election
Social Justice - Four False Assumptions
Legalized Crime in the USA
Intoxication, Diakrino and Diakrise
Romans 12, Government
"Menschenfurcht", (peer pressure)
Christian Discernment
Coach-Scolinos, 17 Inches, A lesson for all

New Jersey Trivia
New Jersey - Memories of Route 40
Changes in Communication
WSNJ Eulogy
Our Telephone
Car Crazy, 40-page Booklet with pictures
Retirement Cars
Raising Guide Dogs for The Seeing Eye
The Good Old Days - My senior deficit!

Bible Word Search
Bad Habits - A Satirical Comparison
Reading Between the "LINES"
An American in Austria
The People's Car Controversy
Baby Boomers Ade!
Growlin' Dog Hay, Humor
Medical Issues, Part 1(WD)
Medical Issues, Part 2(WD)
Monday the 13th
Sheep and ShepherdsWD
Sheep and Wolves, Snakes and DovesWD
Tarry, WaitWD
Ten CommandmentsWD
Them and Us
This Kingdom, by Jill CarattiniWD
Tradition vs TruthWD

Top-Down, Level and Bottom-Up Communication
Endangered Species: Prayer, God's Word and Obedience
Babylon and Zion, Man's and God's Kingdoms
World Wars
Disciples of Whom?
Influence, what do you treasure?
Assyria and Kurdistan
Lambs, Wolves, Serpents and Doves
The Seven Spirits of God, Isaiah 11:1-2
Ahithophel, consequences of an unforgiving spirit
Entitlement and Gratification(WD)
Fear of the Future(WD)
Fear Pressure(WD)
Fellowship or Relationship?(WD)
God Loves Gardens!
A Despised Birthright
The Dung Gate
Esther and Purim
Under the Circumstances
First Responders
Numbers in the Bible
Comparison and Criticism - is there a difference?
Counseling and Prophecy in the NT
The Cursed Fig Tree
A Culture of Death and Darkness
Going to Heaven
Losing and Assurance of Salvation
The Golden Rule
The Greatest Commandment
Resurrection Power
Things and Stuff, Rom. 8:28 and Matt. 6:33
Naaman Healed of Leprosy
Sheep and Shepherds, Psalm 23 and John 3:16
Trusting God, People or Things, Psalm 20:7-8
Joseph and Osama, Striking similarities
Exodus from Canaan
Daniel's Messiah
Seeking Precious Metals and Wisdom
John 11:1-57, Sad - Glad
"The Snowman", A true story written by a student in the Austrian Bible Institute
Zachaeus, Was he really that bad? Luke 19
Saul and the Resurrection
Seal of Christ
A Correct Prayer Attitude
"Selfie Prayers"
Understanding,Nehemiah 8
Unity and Separation I
Unity and Separation II
Grace and Truth - John 1
Mercy and Grace
Was Adam Ever Converted?
Extra Mile Christians

The Healthy Believer, I Timothy 4:8
Replacing Judas, Acts 1:12-26
Choosing Matthias, Acts 1:12-26
Peter's Second Calling, John 21

MATTHEW STUDY (Word Documents)
Matthew 4:1-11, Temptation of ChristWD
Matthew 5:1-12 Blessings, BeatitudesWD
Matthew 5:1-48 OutlineWD
Matthew 5:13-16 LightWD
Matthew 5:13-16 Salt and LightWD
Matthew 5:17-48 God's Absolute StandardsWD
Matthew 6:1-4, Giving AlmsWD
Matthew 6:1-18, Earthly-MindedWD
Matthew 6:19-34, Heavenly-MindedWD
Matthew 7:1-29, Checks and BalancesWD
Matthew 7:6-12, Giving and ReceivingWD
Matthew 7:13-14, God's GateWD
Matthew 7:15-23, Counterfeit ProphetsWD
Matthew 7:24-29, Proper FoundationWD
Matthew 8:1-17, So Many MiraclesWD
Matthew 8:18-22, Set the Sails!WD
Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus Stills StormsWD
Matthew 8:28-34, Worst Case ScenarioWD
Matthew 9:1-8, Jesus Sees FaithWD
Matthew 9:9-13, Jesus Passes ByWD
Matthew 9:14-17, Religion or Faith?WD
Matthew 9:18-26, Four InterruptionsWD
Matthew 10:1-4, "V-12 Power"WD
Matthew 10:5-15, Jesus Sends DisciplesWD
Matthew 10:16-25, Persecution - Part 1WD
Matthew 10:26-39, Persecution - Part 2WD
Matthew 10:40-42, The Blessings of ServingWD
Matthew 13:45-46, PearlsWD
Matthew: Sermon on the MountWD

Ten document series: Comparison of the 7 parables in Matthew 13 and the 7 letters to the 7 churches in Revelation 2 & 3; and a personal graphic of the 7 Dispensations. Parallels in the history of the Christian church
European Origins of American Christianity
Development of the Church in the New Testament and America
The Anabaptists
500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation
Mormon history
The "Acts of Pilate" or "Archco Volume" assessment of the book and its author
Our trip to Turkey in 2002
Turkey in the Bible
Turkey Photos

The Seven Spirits of the Devil in the Church
Music in the Church
Intoxication, Diakrino and Diakrise
War of/on Terror
Isaiah's Idols
Matthew 11-12-13, The Law and the Prophets
John 5:1-9, Law and the Prophets
American Idols
Coveting and Idolatry
Creation, Evolution or Mother Nature?
Entitlement and Gratification
Fellowship and Relationships
Unity and Separation
My response to a 2006 editorial in US News & World Report
His Church and Ours
Church Offices in the New Testament
The Individual and The Group
Purpose of the Church
Does God Speak in Dreams and Visions?

Pentecost Sunday
Christ's Birthday Party
Tradition vs Truth, Christmas Traditions
Bethlehem and Gadera
The Idumeans (Edomites)
Christmas Quiz
The Silent Night Story
Hanukkah Feast of Lights
Simeon, a Model Believer
The Little Tannenbaum, A Christmas Story
Was Jesus buried on a Friday?
Gone Haywire Easter Reflection 2016
Empty Cross
God's Wonderful Easter Parable
The Mess on Golgotha, Easter Reflection 2017
Fear of the Future, A New Years Message
Trick or TreatWD
Trains A Father & Son event and dinner

Rabban Gamaliel was published in early 2006 and you can order a signed copy for just $15 including postage. It is also available for the Kindle at Amazon.com and as a free digital download by clicking on the picture below. For more information about the book, go to

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Ralph's autobiography, Chips & Crumbs was first offered in digital form 2014 but it will never be finished! It was originally written for the grandchildren. You can download it as a Word document free by clicking on the picture below. It is over 500 letter-size pages and 3 MB, so be certain before printing it!

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Images of the Creator Should be Creative

This book was "completed" in 2017 and I hope to receive critical reviews from readers. I am always willing to make corrections if convinced.

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